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"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet."  Psalm 119.105. 

When I decided to work for God in 1991, I was a new believer. I had a Christian upbringing, but only found Jesus as a personal Saviour in 1984. All that had gone before in my early life was just background. By a series of coincidences, I came eventually to meet hundreds of other believers. Some people who say they are believers, deny that they are any different from other people.   When you can say that you have had a real encounter with Christ, however, from then on you can talk to God all the time as a friend, and appreciate what He is saying in the Bible. In Acts, Peter saw a vision in chapter 10, and heard a voice, which proved to give him a new direction in his ministry. People today are finding the same things happening, and can bear witness to the Biblical record, as true today as it was when it was written.

It may be that you will meet Christ or His angels today, sometimes in the most unexpected places.


Welcome to the Bible Shop, 40a High Street, Dalbeattie, DG5 4AA, Scotland, (UK). (Dumfries 14 miles, Castle Douglas 7 miles, Colvend and Kippford Coast 5 miles. Free parking at rear of Town Hall.)

The Bible Shop (Founded 1991) - A Christian Bookshop   TEL 01556611222

Hours 10.30-3.0 (Sats 12.15)        Large range of KJV Bibles and Christian Books by well-known writers.  COME IN AND BROWSE, and find the books which you have been wanting to read all your life.  There is a growing second-hand section at rear of shop.

Your questions answered.  Over 70 years of Christian experience, including recent  extensive ministry in Africa and India.  Only a phone call away (between 11am-3pm. Sats 11-12 noon). All calls are confidential.  Please phone in your orders. Free delivery in local area. Big discounts on 2 or more books ordered at any one time, and for churches. 

 Please phone 01556 611222    
          "The Word Of The Lord Endures For Ever".

               Founded 1991                                                              Mr Jim Figgis (owner)


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