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MALAWI. Obeying Christ's mandate to His disciples, two people, Ken and Frances Ferguson, a married couple from Lanarkshire, Scotland, will be visiting Malawi from 3rd-18th April 2012. They will visit the Maoni Orphanage, housing 300 children, take them gifts and medicines, and greet a conference for the bush pastors who assemble at Easter for their regular meetings. These, together with their families, will arrive from all over Malawi and Mozambique, many walking, with children, for three days or more to get there. INDIA. Jim Figgis will make (dv) his third visit to India, in August 2012, to assist in the ministry of Echo of His Call, Chennai, India. He and Senior Pastor S Sam Selva Raj will travel to Calcutta, as well as ministering in the home church at Chennai, formerly Madras.